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Five Star Tool and Die Limited has several areas of expertise. We concentrate mainly in die cast dies, trim tools, along with secondary machining equipment, as they relate to the post process of the die cast parts. Over the years we have helped in co-operation with our customers, to satisfying their needs for part development; gate/runners, mold flow along with venting and cooling needs.

At Five Star Tool and Die we have a full in house engineering staff, capable of performing full 3-D part development, R&D and tooling design. Our Engineering department strives for fast steel approval to accommodate 6-8 week tool builds, as required in today’s tooling industry.



Five Star Tool and Die Limited is proudly ISO 9001:2015 certified and adheres to a Quality Management systems standard that ensures our customers get reliable, quality goods and services that reflect our commitment to continuous improvement of processes and products.  Click  to here view our certificate.

Five Star Tool and Die Limited is committed to  ISO 9001:2015  (see FSTD- M02 Quality Policy)


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